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Hello Wonderful You!

I’m Corrine Kennedy, owner of Positive Energy Vibrations, featuring The Salt Therapy Room.

I live here in Martensville with my husband and son.

I am a diehard sports fan!  I played slo-pitch for many years when I lived in Alberta, I also have a soft spot for Curling which I curl out of our club here in Martensville. My other sweet spot is 10 pin bowling.

How I got interested in Salt Therapy?  I had read this article about a little boy that had asthma and couldn’t be a little boy, couldn’t do things that other kids could do, simple things like playing tag or playing soccer.  While on vacation his mom took him into a Salt therapy Room, she had noticed a difference soon after the session. She then took him everyday and she was amazed how Salt therapy was helping him. They didn’t have Salt Therapy in their state, so they went back to Florida for vacation and again had sessions everyday.  Mean-while, their pastor and the community got together and built a play room in their basement for Salt therapy so he could have it everyday. That touched me as I watched my own niece grow up with asthma and severe eczema, so I wanted to try to make a difference in today’s world. I always say as a motto; if I could HELP just one person it would be the best accomplishment that I could do in this industry.



I love to pamper everyone that walks through my door so they have their own experience relaxing in the Salt Therapy Room or a peaceful Reiki session!

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